Voyage Schedule

A section in a Voyage drawer that visualizes the schedule and port-call-related information.

The Voyage schedule visualization may be found on the right-hand side of a voyage drawer.

This section is highly customizable: e.g., you may change the voyage start date, lock it, edit the Voyage's speed, update the port call sequence, and much more!

The Schedule Timeline is a fully interactive module. Each port represents a draggable block - if you reorder the blocks, you will update the port call sequence on the opened voyage correspondingly:

Next, each Port Call block is clickable, and it brings up a Port Call drawer.

The small ovals inside of each Port Call block includes a piece of related information: Days at Sea + Extra Days at Sea, Actual Speed, and Distance between Ports. Every oval is clickable and allows editing corresponding sea passages.

Moreover, the Port Call blocks include a small functions tooltip that provides the following actions on the voyage schedule sequence: show Port Cost history overview, create new Port Call to the current schedule, edit the selected Port Call, or delete the Port Call.

Edit Port Call

To edit a port call in the schedule, click the pencil icon in the functions tooltip. A popup modal then shows where main details of the port call can be changed.

Note that the port can only be changed if the Arrival-, Berthed-, and Departure Date are unfixed. If any of these dates are fixed, the port selector will only show available terminals on the currently selected port.