Find Vessels

Depending on your access permissions the list of Vessels might not be visible.

Open the Vessels module in the Core Menu list on the top left corner.

There are several sorting and filtering options available for you to narrow down what you include in the list view, including a "My Vessels" filter that shows all the vessels of which the logged-in user is set as one of the following:

  • Master User

  • Responsible Accountant

  • Operator

  • Claims Operator

You can also Customise the columns of the Vessels list to add, reorder or hide columns. The columns Operator, Built, and Schedulable are hidden by default.

Vessels List Tabs

On top of the list, you may find three tabs: Operative, Archived, and Map. The two first tabs illustrate pre-sorted data based on the fleet exit date parameter. The Map includes an interactive map with the current vessels' location.

Moreover, filters found on the same line as the tabs, apply to both tables. If you switch between tabs, the filters will remain the same, facilitating navigation.


A click on the Operative tab will load a table, that contains only operable vessels. In other words, the vessels whose fleet exit date is either not set, or set in the future.


On the other hand, the Archived tab presents vessels whose fleet exit date is older than the current date (fleet exit date was in the past).