Create Cargo on TC Voyages

Within a TC voyage drawer, the Cargo tab is enabled for you to create new cargoes on the voyage:

Cargo Restrictions:

  • You cannot create a cargo from CoA templates

  • You cannot create a cargo if there are no load- or discharge port calls on the voyage

    • Even when we have the delivery/redelivery port calls

    • You need to create at least one loading- and discharging port calls on the voyage schedule (unique values)

  • You can only create cargoes with cargo ports based on the port calls in the voyage schedule

    • The port selectors on the upper-left side of the modal are restricted to only display these cargo ports (also with its attached terminals)

Drawer Restrictions:

The following actions are disabled from the secondary drawer actions:

  • Unallocate Cargo

  • Allocoate Cargo

  • Relet

  • Transship

  • Preship

  • Transfer

Drag & Drop Restrictions:

In the FAS Cargo Management board, these following actions are disabled:

  • Dragging an unallocated cargo to a TC voyage

  • Dragging an allocated cargo on a TC voyage to Commitments

  • Dragging an allocated cargo from one TC voyage to another voyage (TC or not)