Manage Companies

Creating a new Company

Edit Company Details

To add or change details about a company, click on it in the Companies list. This will bring up the Company drawer.

Overview tab

From the overview tab, you can see all the important details of a company such as Name, Code, Company Registration Number, VAT Number, different currencies, Business Units and more:

The Default Signee field in the Main Details section will sign invoices by the company with the users signature, should it have one.

If the company has a company logo uploaded to the system, it will show up in the Main Details section in the Overview tab.

A Company only has one logo. Uploading a new logo to a Company with an already existing logo, will replace the old logo.

Bank Accounts tab

The tab contains a list of all the Bank Accounts belonging to the company. The usual list operations are available, with two minor changes:

Invoicing Preferences tab

The invoice preferences tab has an overview of all togglable options for printing any invoice issues by the company. Any combination of options may be enabled. Below is a description of each option, as well as a comparison between the invoice with the option turned off, and all options turned off.

Overview of Preferences:

Option nameDescription

Show Contact Person On Invoices

Shows the responsible contact person in the reference section in the top right of the invoice.

Show Company Address In Header

Displays the issuing company's address in the top of the invoice, instead of the bottom.

Show External Document No

Shows the data entered in the "External Document No" on the document above the payment details in the invoice.

Show Company Name Under Logo

Displays the issuing company's name underneath the logo in the header.

Show IMO On Invoice

Displays the vessels IMO number next to it's name.

Show Business Partner VAT Number

Shows the charterers VAT number underneath the payment details.

Show Issuing Company VAT Number

Shows the issuing company's VAT number underneath the payment details.

Sum Commission On Hire Invoices

Toggles summing of similar commissions on invoices that contains a charter hire line and the company is listed as issuing company.


Set EU Tax Regulations

For companies registered in EU, you can now modify the Tax rules for Freight invoices. You can add the Tax rule in the Tax Description field, along with the other specifications, which can be done separately in the Taxes module. This Tax then has to be connected to a Company. What is specified in Description will reflect on the invoice, but based on our various set of rules. Scroll through the demo below to see an illustration of each Tax rule, along with how this line will look on the printout. For all scenarios, you firstly have to have the Issuing Company in EU, have a company on the Business Partner, and have at least one Freight invoice (click on the pictures for better view):

The Business Partner's company and the Issuing Company are equal, there exists a VAT with 0% and the VAT's (the Tax's) country code is equal to the Business Partner company's country code:

Remember that this line is your specified Tax description, which should be linked to the Issuing Company's Vat Rate(s).

The line(s) is placed below the Total Amount, and above Beneficiary Name.

A Dataloy Property to enable the EU Tax Automation has to be set on your environment first! The developers can help set it up for you.

Deleting a Company

Deleting a Company requires that the Company is both disabled, and has no link to any Voyage.

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