High-Risk Area (HRA) / Piracy Routing

The Dataloy Distances routes automatically avoid the JWC HRA area in the Gulf of Aden / Somali Coast. Nine war risk/piracy routing points have been added to the DDT to retrieve the most accurate distance based on current routing advice in high-risk areas. The piracy routing points are not added by default and must be manually added only using their respective routing code. A unique code and name define each routing point.

How to Search for and Add a War Risk/Piracy Routing Point

Routing point searches can be performed in two ways: in the search field or by using a map.

To locate the routing point on the map:

  1. If ports are not shown on the map, click on the Show ports button

  2. Locate and click on or hover over (with the cursor) the routing point symbol

  3. An information pop-up opens, providing the routing point/port name and/or code and details.

  4. Enter the routing point name or code in the search field to the right.

  5. A drop-down list of ports will be displayed.

  6. From the list, either

    1. click the applicable routing point/port or

    2. when the routing point/port is at the top of the list, press the Tab key - the routing point/port name will display in full in the search field or

    3. use the down arrow to select the applicable routing point/port - it will highlight it.

  7. Click Add or press Enter. The routing point/port is added to the route. Note: If applicable, drag the newly added routing point to the correct place in the list of routing points/ports.

  8. Ensure the route is updated accordingly by verifying the sailing route.