Create Voyage Charterer

Creating a voyage charter is fast and easy. The minimum amount of details required is a vessel and a port for loading and discharging.

  1. Open the Voyages module from the menu on the left.

  2. Select Create Voyage Charterer.

  3. Fill in the details manually, or choose between using a CoA Template Cargo or an existing unallocated cargo as basis for the voyage.

  4. Click the Create-button.

After choosing a vessel, the previous Port on the Vessel will be set as Ballast Port. This can be overridden by entering another Port, if no Ballast Port is set then the first Load Port will be used.

Using a CoA Template Cargo

To create the voyage using a CoA template as a basis, click the Use CoA Template Cargo button in the top of the modal. This will bring up another window, allowing you to select a template from a list of CoA templates. More details can be found here: Create Cargo From CoA Template.

Using a CoA template will give the voyage and cargo the same Company and Business Unit as the CoA.

Using an unallocated cargo

It is possible to create a new voyage and allocate an unallocated cargo by using the Use Unallocated Cargo button in the top of the modal. Clicking it will bring up another window with a list of unallocated cargos. Filter and search as needed, and select a cargo from the list.

After choosing a cargo, the create voyage modal will be automatically filled in with all the details from the cargo. Only the fields that are not coming from the cargo will remain editable.

Cargo intake calculations

When entering Quantity, Volume or Stowage Factor, the modal will automatically calculate the corresponding value. Updating Quantity or Stowage Factor will update Volume, and updating Volume will update the Stowage Factor. Selecting a Commodity will default the Stowage Factor to that of the commodity.

If the optional preference SF_INTAKE_CALCULATION is enabled on your company's system, the behaviour of the modal is changed slightly.

  • Stowage factor will change from being System Volume Unit / System Weight Unit, to Cubic Feet / System Weight Unit

  • Updating Volume will update Cargo Quantity

  • If a vessel is selected, updating Stowage Factor will calculate the maximum amount of cargo the vessel can carry, restricted by vessel deadweight and cubic capacity.