Master Data

The Master Data section houses the core data, for example, clients, vessels, etc., accounting parameters, and any other data required to successfully operate the different modules of the system. Master Data is a single source of basic business data used across the VMS in the modules and is shared by multiple users. To enable full usage of the system it is necessary to enter data into this section.

Each master data page follows the same design where you get a list of master data when opening the page. Create a new master data object with the + button above the list and maintain the master data object by opening a drawer when clicking a master data object in the list.

Note! You may enable the feature to make the Company and Business Unit fields depend on each other. If one of the details is set, you may tee linked items that correlate to the former attribute when selecting the second field. Moreover, if you proceed with an element not linked to the former attribute, the first field will be cleared.

For example, there is Company A, which has a link to Business Unit A. When creating an object, after selecting Company A and expanding the Business Unit, you will get a list of options. The list will contain all the Business Units, but Business Unit A will be marked as linked to the selected Company. Next, if linked Business Unit A is chosen, you will end up with Company A and Business unit A. Otherwise, if the selected Business Unit is not linked to the preferred Company, the Company field will get cleared, and you may observe a list of Companies related to the selected Business Unit.