Various Costs and Revenues

Various Cost and Revenues List

Opening the "Various Cost and Revenues" module under "Master Data" will show a list of all available various cost/revenue.

Creating a new Various Cost/Revenue

  • Fill out the fields in the popup: - Description: The name of the various. - Code: A unique identifier of the various. - Type: Labels the various as "cost" or "revenue". - Calculation Rule: Decides how/when the various is calculated.

  • Click "Create" and the new various will now show in the list

Edit/view a various

Click a various in the list to open its drawer.

Under "Main Details" the current values of the various can be changed. This section contains more options compared to the pop up when creating the various.

Default Various

Fill in the values: - Usage: The object that will trigger the creation of the various - Value: The value of the various when created - Currency: The currency of the various value (optional) In addition, when creating a default various with the usage object "Voyage", it is possible to select whether the various should be created for all voyages, only TC voyages, or only voyage charters.