This page contains information about Events and related characteristics.

The Event module is designed to facilitate the documentation of various events that occur during a Cargo Port/Port Call. These events can be anything from simple notes like "Loading Completed" to more complex actions such as "Anchored" or "Captain arrived!".

By using the Event module, users can easily document and keep track of important events that occur during a Cargo Port/Port Call.

Each event in the module is identified by a set of attributes which include:

  • Event Description - brief text that reflects the meaning of an event.

  • Event Type - can be either Cargo Port or Port Call. The type allows defining when the event takes place.

  • Vessel Categories - allows selecting vessel categories to which the created event will be applied.

  • Event Code - unique identifier for easier navigation.

  • Sort Order - shows the position at which the chosen event will show up among those events that also satisfy the same Event Type and Vessel Category.

  • An event can be used in Laytime calculations. If the corresponding checkbox is clicked, the event will show up automatically at the specified position in the Laytime calculation module under a Cargo Port.