Manage Business Partners

Creating a new Business Partner

Edit Business Partner details

You can click on the Business Partner on the Business Partners list you want to change the details of. This will bring the Business Partner drawer.

Main Details tab

From the main details tab, you can see all the important details of a business partner. This includes Business Partner Type, Company Registration Number, Business Partner Name, VAT Number, Short Name, Business Partner Link, Business Partner Code, and indicate whether it is an Intercompany or not. You can also change the Business Partner's address, contact details and contact persons.

When a business partner is of type Agent, it is possible to choose the Agent Type.

Financial tab

You can see all the important details of a business partner regarding invoices, such as Default Payment Terms, Default Baseline Term, Default Invoice Party, Default Receivable Accout, Default Payable Account, Max Advance Payment, Rating, Rating Expiry Date

You will also see here the Bank Accounts belonging to a business partner.

Lastly, you will also see a list of a business partner's outstanding invoices

Deleting a Business Partner