About Dataloy Distances

Simple, yet powerful, tool for calculating sailing routes and distances

Dataloy Distances allows port and routing point searches when building sailing routes and is available to commercial and non-commercial users. Sailing routes are presented graphically on a map and are based on an analysis of possible routing options.

Search for the ports you want your route to consist of in the "Port" field and add them one by one. As you add ports, the route will be populated and visualised on the map.

Rearrange the order of the port calls by dragging the port call to the desired sequence.

  • The "Dataloy Distances" is highly acclaimed for its extensiveness and accuracy.

  • Currently, Dataloy Distances holds 11,000 ports and maritime locations, and the routes are a result of analysis of more than a million route segments, effectively contributing to the accuracy of a calculation.

  • Automatic Emission Controlled Areas (ECA) avoidance.

  • Automatic High-Risk Area (HRA) avoidance.

  • Updated daily.

Irregular Routing or Missing Ports or Routing Points

If irregular routing is experienced - please contact Dataloy.

Ports and routing points are constantly added to the DDT. If a port or a routing point cannot be found - please contact Dataloy to request it added.