Create Cargo


  1. Open the Cargoes module from the menu on the left.

  2. Select Create New Cargo.

  3. In the modal, you can fill in the required fields and add any additional information about the new cargo.

  4. Click Create.

Required fields:

  • Load Port

  • Discharge Port

  • Charterer

  • Commodity

New design:

The new Create Cargo modal has a new design to increase the productivity while creating a cargo, is more user-friendly and has more useful features altogether. Click on the picture below to get a better view of the details:

New Create Cargo Port modal:

Similar to the design above, we now have a new Create Cargo Port modal:


  • With the new multiple value component in the Create Cargo modal, you are now able to add multiple Load- and Discharge- cargo ports to the new cargo.

  • The fields are divided into 2 sections, while the 3rd section displays the Timeline component of the cargo ports that are added. In the Create Cargo Port modal, there are 2 sections, in which the 2nd one contains the Timeline.

  • It is possible to drag and drop the ports in the Timeline component to change the order of the cargo port rows, in both of the modals.

To see the new Create Cargo and Create Cargo Port modals for allocated cargoes, click here: Cargo Actions!