The settings on this page enable administrators to customize default behavior in VMS, e.g. Days extra in port controls the number of extra days automatically added to new port calls. Note that these system settings are applied globally to the environment, which means any change alters the functionality for all users (click for better view):

Breakdown of the available settings

  • Share Voyage

    • When the setting is enabled, all estimate voyages may be edited by other users than the creator.

  • Use cost from service orders

    • Allows automating the process of filling in port costs. If the option is enabled, the port cost will match the total amount among service orders linked to a port call.

  • Use new invoice template

    • Allows you to choose between printing documents using the new invoice template, or the old one.

  • Use port currency

    • Automatically sets the port cost currency to the local value. For example, a port call in Bergen will have the currency NOK.

  • Auto post service orders - a group of settings

    • The system enforces automatic posting of documents that are created from a service order. For instance, if a service order contains multiple lines and the status of the service order changes to the specified status*, the related document lines will be combined into a posted document. This setting eliminates the need to manually select the service order document lines, assemble them into a document, and then post the document.

      • *Service order status - indicates the base status for enabling the auto-posting functionality. If a service order is changed to this status or higher, auto-posting will create documents for the existing linked document lines, and future lines.

      • Default payment term - specifies the default payment term used for auto-posted documents. Required for auto-posting to work.

      • Default baseline term - specifies the default baseline term used for auto-posted documents. Required for auto-posting to work.

  • Days extra in port

    • This setting is used to specify the default number of days extra in port for each new port call.

  • Percent extra at sea

    • Allows defining a value used to set percent extra at sea for each leg in the system.

  • Previous port call count

    • Identifies the number of previous port call shown on each TC out voyage.


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