Voyage Bunkers

This page gives an entail into the tab 'Bunkers' inside the Voyage module.

The Bunker module is split into three parts: 1. Bunker Indices; 2. Bunker Stock Summary; 3. Bunker Stock Details.

Yet, the Print EUA Statement button is always visible. This function generated a descriptive report of EU ETS consumed per port, specifying the percentage used in calculations, and associated consumption per leg.

  1. Bunker Indices: this section helps to have a better overview of bunker indices even when the fuel types FO and LS MGO are not consumed by a vessel. By default, the section is collapsed, providing information regarding the bunker indices. Once expanded, the indices can be altered. Refer to Figure 1 for example:

  1. The Bunker Stock Summary contains cards associated with the respective consumed fuel type. The core idea is to provide a brief overview of consumed bunkers and derived costs (Ref. Figure 2).

  1. Bunker Details serves the same idea as Bunker Stocks Summary but provides more detailed and specific information. The table items can be filtered to show only the Consumption or Bunkering rows (ⓘ interact with the filter options in the top right of each table card).