Converting Voyage to Template

A voyage can be converted to voyage template if certain requirements are met, these are listed below:

Can be converted to template:

  • Estimate Voyages

  • Unallocated Voyages

Cannot be converted to template:

  • Template Voyages

  • Allocated Voyages

  • Nominated Voyages

  • Operational Voyages

  • Operationally Closed Voyages

  • Closed Voyages

  • Invoiced Voyages

The voyage's type (TC, SPOT, COA) does not matter in regards to whether you're allowed to convert or not.

How to Convert to Template

After selecting the action you will get a confirmation popup modal which allows you to select to 'Create New CoA' and 'Create Unallocated Voyage' when converting to template. When clicking the 'Confirm' button, you will be brought to the template voyage's drawer.


Both optional buttons will be available.


None of the optional buttons will be available.


Both optional buttons will be available and the 'Create New CoA' button will be selected by default. If un-selecting this button, the template voyage will continue to use the old CoA instead of creating a new.