View Overview on Port Calls


This tab contains all the main details for each of the port calls. Here we have the tile boxes displaying a vessel's number of days "at sea", as well as the "average speed/consumption", days "in port" and the "port cost". There are also sections for Sea Passage and Port, as well as sections for Comment and the Bunkers table. We also have a new Map component displaying a port call. By zooming out you will get the whole voyage that is linked to the port call: ‌

From 6.29 release, EU ETS Emissions will be available for viewing in the tile boxes.

The Sea Passage- and the Port sections contains these fields:

Sea Passage


Speed Order

Arrival (editable)

Actual Speed


Estimated Distance

Berthed (editable)

Actual Distance Sailed (editable)

Departure (editable)

Percent Extra At Sea


Days Extra At Sea




Port Cost


Master (editable)

Port Captain (editable)

Look here for some more information about Speed Order.‌

Arrival-, Berthed- and Departure dates are validated with comparisons to the Voyage Start- and Previous Portcall Departure dates, for correct date range. If the date you are trying to add is out of range, a warning prompt will show up, and you can choose different dates.‌

The Comment section is useful if you want to add in more additional information about a vessel or a voyage.‌

At the bottom of the Overview tab, we have the Bunkers table. It has been updated and contains now the fields "arrival", "arrival fixed", "quantity", "consumption", "departure", "departure fixed":​