Cargo Port Fields

Cargo Port Related Fields

When expanding a cargo port panel, a section for displaying and editing certain fields of the cargo port can be found. The number of fields visible depends on the type of port call, aggregation and more.

Field nameDescription

Cargo Quantity

Shows the total cargo quantity on the cargo port

Laydays Commence

Laycan From date of Cargo (Load Port only)

Laydays Cancelling

Laycan To date of Cargo (Load Port only)

Demurrage Rate

The rate for demurrage

Despatch Rate

The rate for despatch

Free Despatch

Checkbox for Free Despatch

Loading/Discharging Rate

Loading/discharging rate on a port, depending on type of port


The rule for the selected port

Laytime Terms

Laytime terms for the selected port

Share of Laytime Used

Percentage of laytime used


Checkbox for Prorate

Time Used

The amount of laytime used on the selected port

Time Allowed

The amount of laytime allowed for the selected port


The amount of demurrage for the selected port (only if Demurrage)


The amount of despatch for the selected port (only in non-reversible)

Time Lost

The amount of time lost in the selected port (only if Demurrage)

Deducted Time

Total amount of "Time not to count" on port (only in non-reversible)