Delete Laytime Calculation

From version 6.39 users with the Laytime Contributor role have the option to delete Laytime Calculations. Deleting a Laytime Calcluation will run the Voyage business logic and re calculate things that have been changed by the Laytime Calculation. • Please notice that Fixed demurrage and Fixed Dispatch that were added in the laytime to all connected ports would NOT be deleted from the ports after the laytime was removed! To delete a Laytime Calculation you must first access the laytime calculation drawer, you can go about this in 2 ways: 1. Open the Voyage drawer that the Laytime Calculation is connected to -> Click on the Related tab -> Pick the Laytime Calculation you desire to delete from the Laytime Calculations list. 2. In the main VMS menu click on Operations -> Laytime Calculations -> Either use the quick filters to find the relevant Laytime Calculation or pick it out from the list. Once you are in the Laytime Calculation drawer you will see a new button was added:

When clicking on the button you will be prompt to confirm/cancel the deletion, if there are any ports connected to the Laytime Calculation a notice will appear about it in the deletion modal:

Once you confirm all Laytime Events will be removed and only the events connected to Port Calls / Cargo Ports will remain and the Business Logic for Voyage would be run to re-calculate changed to the Voyage.