Bunker Transactions

Bunker Transactions is part of the Dataloy VMS accounting integrations to automate the transactions between the VMS and an accounting system. The transactions are transferred whenever a bunker transaction is posted in the VMS.


The filters in the top right is shared between the two tabs, and will be persisted when changing between the tabs. The status filter is only available on the posted tab

Posted transactions

The "posted" list shows all transactions that have the status 'Posted' or 'Ready For Posting'.

Pending transactions

The pending list shows all pending bunker transactions grouped by voyage. When expanding a card all Pending Bunker Transactions is shown for the vurrent voyage. Bunker transactions can be posted by selecting one or multiple rows by clicking the left hand side checkbox and then clicking the Post button. A confirmation popup will appear, and when clicking Post, the selected Transactions will be posted.