Time Correction list

This list displays all the time corrections

When clicking the time correction tab you will be presented with a list of all the time corrections with the following columns

  • Vessel

  • Voyage Reference

  • Year

  • Month

  • Onhire Days

  • Offhire Days

  • Idle Days

  • Total Days

  • Status

For filtering the time corrections, there are multiple available filters in the top right corner.

Generate Time Corrections

By clicking the Generate button a modal will appear where you can select:

  • From Date and To Date which are required.

  • Company or BusinessUnit, at least one of them must be filled in.

  • Vessel which is optional.

Fill in required values and press Generate, the Generate button will be disabled if required fields are not filled in.

Freeze Time Corrections

By clicking the Freeze button a modal will appear where you can select from date, to date and business unit to freeze time corrections.

Fill in all the fields. It is possible to select multiple business units. When pressing confirm, the time correction matching the dates and business units will be frozen.