Create Scenario

There are four possibilities to create a scenario:

  • create from scratch

  • create from MASTER fleetplan

  • copy existing scenario

  • create a budget scenario

Create from Scratch

When creating a scenario from scratch you enter a scenario name and click create.

Create from Master Fleetplan

When using the MASTER fleetplan to create a scenario, all voyages in the master fleetplan and their allocation are copied. Thus, unallocated voyages will be unallocated in the scenario and allocated voyages will be allocated to the same vessel. The first position of each vessel in the scenario schedule is defined by the start of the first voyage on the vessel.

The new scenario is called Master Fleetplan Scenario with a date and time stamp of the creation.

Copy existing scenario

To copy a scenario open its drawer in the scenario list. Select the action copy in the drawer to create a copy of the scenario.

Create budget scenario

Create Budget Scenario