Capacity Plan (BETA)
The capacity plan gives you a monthly overview if your fleet is over- or underbooked with cargoes. For each months and each trade, we compare the available cargoes to the capacity in your fleet which is serving that trade.


You can navigate between the current month and future months at the top of the dashboard. You can also filter to restrict the view to a particular set of trades.
The are three summary cards at the top displaying information on all trades selected in the filter:
  • Free capacity: Total deadweight - total weight
  • Deadweight: Total deadweight of vessels loading in the selected month
  • Weight: Total weight of cargoes with laydays commencement in the selected month.
For free capacity and weight, we distinguish between total values and fixed values. The latter takes only cargoes into account which have status "Clean Fix".
Not Fixed
Firm Offer
On Subject
Clean Fix
Free Capacity
Remaining deadweight tonnage summing all vessels and cargoes
Total: Deadweight - total weight
Fixed: Deadweight - fixed weight
Deadweight of vessels
Total: Sum of deadweight of vessels
Weight of cargoes
Total: Sum of weight of cargoes of any status
Fixed: Sum of weight of cargoes of fixed status

Trade panels

An expandable panel is shown for each trade, with totals for that trade. There are two lists inside the panel, one for cargoes by charterer and one for vessels.

Cargoes by charterer

In each trade panel there is a list of total cargo weight and volume grouped by charterer. Only cargoes where laydays commencement lies in the selected month are counted.
All "fixed" charterer cargo totals are listed first, while "not fixed" entries come second and are indicated in grey.
Name of the charterer
Weight (MT)
Total cargo weight in metric tons
Volume (M³)
Total cargo volume in cubic meters


In each trade panel there is a list of vessels. For each voyage in the master fleetplan, the vessel that voyage is allocated to is listed if the following two criteria are met:
  1. 1.
    The voyage is marked with this trade or its performance cargo belongs to the trade.
  2. 2.
    The voyage has arrival date in the first load port within the selected month.
Name of vessel
Deadweight of the vessel
Open Date
Arrival date in the first load port
Open Port
First load port
Previous Trade
Trade of the previous voyage on the vessel
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