Use Cost from Service Orders

In this article you will learn more about how to enter and maintain port costs on a port call.

How to enter port costs for a port call

Port costs can be entered in two different ways:

  1. Adding the total estimated port cost directly on the port call, or

  2. Creating detailed service orders for the port call.

To add the total estimated port costs directly on port call

In the port call drawer Overview tab locate the Port Cost field in the Port Details section on the bottom right corner. Here you can add the total port costs for the given port call

To add detailed port costs with Service Orders

Service orders can be used to enter a more detailed port costs for each port call. Follow steps in this article Create Service Order to create a Service order.Once the service order is created with the estimated costs and you are ready to apply this Service Order to the port call

  1. change the status on the Service Order to Estimate

  2. go back to Overview tab

  3. check the Use Cost from Service Orders checkbox (read this article if the checkbox is disabled)

Now the total of all service costs added under the Service Costs tab will be displayed in the Port Cost field in the port call drawer Port Details section. At the same time the Port Cost field will be disabled indicating the it can no longer be edited directly in this field.

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