Viewing and Managing Deviated Voyages

  1. Create filters by area and/or operators by clicking the Area and/or Operator icons and select relevant Area/s and/or Operator/s. Note: Only voyages with Progress = Scheduled or Operational are included.

The system automatically updates, displaying only the selected voyages, operators and vessels.

2. Click applicable voyage in the Voyage Analysis Dashboard window.

3. Click applicable remark to view comments from Operators and to select concern type.

The information of the selected remark displays to the right of the remarks list. The Senior Operator views the comments from the Operator and selects concern type.

4. Click applicable remark/s edit icon to open the Edit Remark comments field. Note: Hover the cursor above and the icon will switch from black to red. Also, a remark can be added by an operator without access to the dashboard by entering a remark against the voyage (using the standard remarks function). It will appear in the dashboard as well and vice versa.

The Edit Remark icon switches from black to red and once clicked the Edit Remark pop-up opens.

5. Enter follow-up time and click Save Remark.

The Edit Remark field will close and the added follow-up time saved.

6. Click Acknowledge Deviations.

A pop-up requesting a remark prior to acknowledging the deviation opens.

7. Enter comments to accept the deviation and click Create Remark.

The pop-up will close, the remark added and the voyage moved from the Deviations tab to the Acknowledged tab. The pop-up containing data for the selected voyage will close and the tab listing voyages with deviations will fill the screen.

8. The Senior Operator returns to the main voyage screen and selects the next voyage with deviations.

Steps 1-7 are to be repeated until only voyages with current good results are left.