Relet Cargoes

A relet can be defined as the act of sub-chartering a cargo to other owners to transport. A relet always covers the entire voyage of a relet cargo.

Relets are listed at the bottom of the cargo drawer under "Relets and Transhipments".

Relet a Cargo

  1. Open the Cargoes module in the Core section.

  2. Click a cargo in the list to open it in a drawer.

  3. Fill in the "Owner" field and click Confirm.

A copy holding most of the same data of the cargo to be relet will be created in the system .

Delete a Relet

  1. Find the cargo that was relet.

  2. Find the relet listed under "Relets and Transhipments" in the cargo drawer and click to open it.


Editing the cargo quantity or the planned BL Date of a relet cargo or its connected cargo will trigger an identical change on the other cargo to keep them synchronised on these fields.