This section is visible on Spot and CoA voyages.

Cargo Section

Various Revenue & Cost

The Various Revenue- and Cost fields are not editable from this section anymore, but you can view the values from the bottom of this section (as seen above). These values comes from the performance cargo of the voyage.

Note: Various field is still editable from the Profit/Loss Summary section.

Measurement Unit

The Measurement field is now editable directly from the Cargo section, and the change you do will reflect on all the places we use the Cargo/Freight Measurement, e.g. in the Cargo List, Cargo drawer, etc. This change also makes it possible to view more details of the Commodity-, Nominated Quantity (B/L Quantity)- and Measurement fields.

Cargo List

To the left, a list of cargoes are presented as small, blue cards, showing you some select details about the cargo. This is meant to be a quick overview, to be able to differentiate between the different cargos. Clicking on a cargo will select it, and the Cargo-section to the right will update. The currently selected cargo is marked by a blue line on the left side of the card. Hovering over a cargo card will bring up the option to copy it, or open the cargo drawer. While a cargo drawer is open, you may click on any part of the card to open the cargo drawer for that cargo:

If the voyage is of type TC, a shortened list of cargo cards will be used, titled "Last Cargoes". Only the last 3 cargoes created will be displayed. To see the full list of all cargoes on the voyage, use the Cargo List