Transfer Cargoes

A cargo transfer is a type of transshipment where a cargo transported on two voyages. The cargo is transported on the first voyage to one port and then further transported on a second voyage to its final port.

You start with a cargo with a load and discharge port which represents the first part of the cargoes journey (on the first voyage). From a system perspective, the action "transfer" creates a new cargo for the second part of the journey (on the second voyage).

The original cargo will receive cargo type "Has Transfer", and the new cargo will receive cargo type "Transfer."

The following fields are synchronised:

  • cargo quantity and measurement unit

  • commodity

  • discharge rate + terms of has transfer cargo = load rate + terms of transfer cargo

Transfer cargoes are listed at the bottom of the cargo drawer under "Relets and Transshipments".

Transferring a Cargo

  1. Open a cargo drawer.

  2. Fill in the form fields:

    1. Owner of the vessel to transship the cargo.

    2. Final discharge port of the transfer.

    3. Second vessel to transport the cargo.

    4. Second voyage to transport the cargo.

  3. Click Transfer.

The discharge port of the original cargo will be the load port of the transfer cargo.