Overview tab

The voyage drawer is also split up in different sections; Vessel, Cargo List, Cargo (the Performance Cargo), Schedule, Speed & Consumption and Profit/Loss Summary.

For a TC voyage, the drawer has the Time Charter Contract section instead of the Cargo section.

Drawer Actions

On the left hand-side, we have the vessel name chip, which is clickable and will forward you to the linked Vessel drawer. The number is the reference number of the voyage, and to the left we have the status. The statuses are within a dropdown menu which you can change yourself:

To the right hand-side, we have the delete button, copy button (to duplicate the selected voyage), the compare voyages button, print voyage button, the voyage functions button, the expand button, the secondary actions button and the close button. These are also called the primary actions:

Secondary Actions

In this dropdown menu, you are able to do several actions:

Move: you are able to move the voyage onto another voyage by changing the selected vessel, also known as allocating the voyage.

Edit Voyage Reference: you are able to change the voyage reference number on the given voyage. Read more: Change Voyage Reference Number/Voyage Number and Voyage Starting Year.

Convert To Template: you are able to convert the voyage to a template. Here you have two different options to choose between (unless they are disabled).

Print Statement of Account: you are able to print out the SoA report of the given voyage.

Open Preliminary Voyage: Opens a new tab and brings you to the special preliminary voyage that is created when the voyage is nominated.

Mark as Optional: you are able to mark the voyage as optional, meaning you can set the statuses 'Not declared', 'Declared' or 'Forfeited' on the performance cargo of the voyage. Read more here.

Audit Log: you are able to track every action inside, and regarding, this given voyage.

Attachment: you are able to upload/download the voyage attachments.