Create Webhook Subscription

Create Webhook Subscription Dialog

  1. Open the Webhooks module in the Setup section.

  2. Fill in all required fields listed below in the Create New Subscription window.

  3. Click Create.

Required fields




User to receive the notifications

Object Type

Name of the subscribed Dataloy object

Event Type

Type of event to Object

Alert Script

Subscribe to events based on the result of a DLPAlertScript.

Channel Type

Channel used to send notification


Endpoint to receive the subscription

Field Conditions

A webhook subscription can only have an Object Type and an Event Type or an Alert Script. The corresponding fields are disabled to match this condition.

If the Channel Type chosen is HTTP, then the URL field must also be filled in.

When choosing HTTP as Channel Type, you can also choose whether to add the Password, Access Token or Request Access Token fields.

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