Viewing and Managing Deviated Voyages

The Senior Operator views the Voyage Analysis Dashboard to identify voyages with deviations on voyages waiting to be operationally closed.

  • The Operator views the voyage analysis dashboard to identify voyages with problems – highlighted at the top of the Deviations tab. Below the Deviations tab the User locates a tab listing voyages with acknowledged deviations and a tab with voyages without deviations.

  • The Senior Operator creates and saves filters to ensure that only the voyages, operators and vessels he/she are responsible for will display at the next login.

  • The Senior Operator starts at the top with the most important voyages, discusses with an Operator why there is a deviation, returns to the voyage analysis dashboard to add a comment/remark about why. The procedure is repeated until only voyages with current good results are left.

  • The Senior Operator may also change the sensitivity to see possible impact on changes. He/she may also open detailed graphs displaying voyage progression alongside entered remarks and view the audit log history of any actual changes made. Any remarks made by an Operator explaining the difference in numbers are also registered. A Senior Operator must then only acknowledge that the figures have been seen. If the Senior Operator can also view the Post Voyage Analysis for more detailed information of any voyage.

Red = deviation has negative impact on voyage result Blue = deviation has positive impact on voyage result Black = no impact on voyage result

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