Panel Fields

Offhire Drawer Fields

The top section of the overview tab contains key information about an offhire.

Main Details and Days

The Main Details and Days sections contain fields used to update an offhire. These fields include those used to create an offhire, as well as the following:




Indicates whether the offhire period was planned

Offhire Days

Length of offhire period


Percent of offhire period included in calculation

Result Impact

In this section, there are two checkbox that indicate whether the offhire should be deducted from the charterer, owner or opex. The Deduct from hire receivable (charterer) checkbox is only active if the offhire's voyage is a Time Charter. These field will also activate the corresponding bunker consumption table for editing.

Bunker Consumption Tables

Two tables show information about bunker consumption for the charterer and the owner/opex. Each table contains 4 rows with information about the quantity and bunker price for each bunker type (FO, LS FO, LS MGO, MGO).

If the offhire period in on a time-charter-in voyage, the second table will show the owner's bunker consumption. Otherwise it will show the opex's bunker consumption.

Adding/Editing quantity and bunker price

  1. Click on a bunker type row.

  2. Change the fields in the Edit Bunker Consumption window.

  3. Click Confirm.


The Overview tab also contains a comments section.

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