Find Port Calls

Open the Port Calls List module in the Core section.

Using Filters

By using the list of port calls that opens on the Port Calls module, you can use the quick filters to find the port call you are looking for.

Depending on your access permissions, the list of port calls might be pre-filtered based on your system user security rights. Vessel operators can quickly filter the list to only show your port calls with the quick filter called "My Port Calls"

Specialty role: Vessel User: If you are a user onboard a vessel, the list will be showing only port calls related to that vessel.

Port Call Filters

There is a new variety of filters to choose from on the Port Calls List, which makes it easier to find a specific port of interest. The standard for when you enter the list is set on "Future", which displays all of the port calls set in a future date. The Future filter itself is one out of six "Date" filter options to choose from:

Using Sorting

You can also use the sorting options to sort the port calls on the Port Calls List:

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