Maintain Scenario

Scenario Drawer

To change a scenario, navigate to the scenarios menu item and open the scenario drawer by clicking on the respective scenario name.

You cannot use edit, delete or edit name for the MASTER scenario, since this is the on-going plan connected to all other VMS functionalities.

You have the following actions in the drawer:‌

  • view in open positions board

  • edit (change name, vessels, and voyages)

  • delete

  • copy

  • edit scenario name

  • view audit log

  • access and upload attachments

Deleting a scenario removes it from the database. There is no recycle bin or the like to retrieve a deleted scenario.

Vessels tab

Vessels in the selected scenario can be managed from the list in the vessels tab. Clicking on a vessel will lead to the vessels' drawer.

Add/Remove Vessel

  1. Open the Scenario module in the Planning section.

  2. Select a scenario and navigate to the Vessels tab.

  3. Select/Deselect vessels in the Select Vessels dialog.

  4. Click Confirm.

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