Allocate Cargo

  1. Click a cargo in the Cargoes module list.

  2. Click the Allocate Cargo button to open a dialog for allocation.

In the dialog, select Vessel and Voyage you want to allocate the cargo to. A preview of the voyage schedule will then show the cargo ports to the left and voyage port calls to the right, as in the screen capture below. The allocation will be done using the existing port calls on the voyage if they match the cargo ports. If no port calls and cargo ports match, additional port calls will be created on the voyage. These new port calls are denoted with "Adds New Port Call".

Click Allocate to allocate the cargo and create any new necessary port calls on the voyage.

Available voyages prerequisites

Only voyages with status Unallocated, Allocated, Nominated and Operational. Note: It is currently not possible to allocate to budget or scenario voyages

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