Fleet Plans (Beta)

The Fleet Plans module allows you to experiment with voyage and cargo allocation in different scenarios without making any changes to your master fleetplan.

Board layout

The board has two main areas, unallocated voyages on the left, and allocated voyages on the right. For Cargo Management only the allocated area is visible.

Each element in the board represents either a voyage with cargoes, or a vessel open position.

By default the board is grouped into columns by vessel and into rows by month.

Voyage Card

Information displayed on the voyage card:

Voyage reference


Voyage Status

Performance cargo charterer

Performance cargo laydays start to end

Performance cargo quantity

Performance cargo commodity


In the open positions board you can drag and drop voyages to allocate or unallocate them, move them between vessels and change their order on a vessel.

Click any voyage card to open the voyage drawer and access additional information and actions.

In the cargo management board, you can drag and drop cargoes between voyages. When moving a cargo, you can either move it 100% or split it and just move a part of it.

Clicking on a cargo opens the cargo drawer and gives access to additional information and actions.

Selecting a scenario

At the top center of the screen, the selected scenario is displayed.

To create a new scenario follow the step-by-step guide: Create Scenario


You can select the number of columns to show in the board either by moving the slider or by typing in a number.

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