Bunker Stock Adjustments List

List of the Bunker Stock Adjustments

The list is display either as a table or as cards, pending on the width of your screen

Columns in the list are as follows:

  • Document Type

  • Document No

  • Document Date

  • Account

  • Vessel

  • Voyage Reference

  • Business Partner

  • Document Text

  • Currency

  • Amount

  • Status

There are numerous filters to apply to the list, as follows:

Status and Document Type filters are always active, and you can select one of the below.

There are numerous sorting options for the list:

If you select more than one sorting option the list will be sorted first by the column that is clicked first, then by the second column clicked and so forth.

When clicking the Generate button in the top left corner, a modal will appear where you can select month/year, business unit, company and vessel to generate bunker stock adjustments.

Fill in the required fields, and vessel if desired. For business unit and company it is possible to select multiple. Then click confirm to generate bunker stock adjustments with the corresponding parameters.

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