Fleet Plans

The Fleet Plans module allows you to allocate voyages and cargoes in MASTER and different scenarios without making any changes to your master Fleet Plan.

Selecting A Scenario

At the top center of the screen, the selected scenario is displayed:

To create a new scenario follow the step-by-step guide: Create Scenario.

Selecting Your View

Below the scenario selector, there are three tabs to access different views of the scenario schedule:

pageOpen Positions BoardpageScheduler BoardpageCargo Management BoardpageFAS Voyages List


In the FAS board, we now have MASTER date filter, that will filter voyages and cargoes in both all of the boards, more efficiently. We have the filtering possibilities for Next Week, Next 2 Weeks, Next Month, Next 3 Months, Next Year and Future (meaning today and beyond). The default is set at 'Next 3 Months'.

The allocated voyages and their allocated cargoes are filtered with respect to the Voyage End Date field. The unallocated voyages and cargoes, in their respective Commitments column, are filtered with respect to the Laycan From Date field.

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