Open Positions Board

The open positions board gives an overview of the allocation of voyages that need to be scheduled. It shows commitments in the leftmost column and all allocated voyages in the other columns. There are several settings to refine the view located in the top right.

  1. Vertical grouping options: None, Week, Month

  2. Column grouping of allocated voyages: Vessels, Areas

  3. Show one column further to the left or right

  4. Filtering

  5. Switch to Gantt Board (Schedule view)

The area settings and the date format are chosen in Application settings in the top right corner.

Voyage Card

On the voyage card a lot of information is shown. The lefthand side of the graphic depicts the open position, the end of the previous voyage. The righthand side of the graphic depicts information on the voyage itself.

Vessel name

Voyages and open positions that are ballast and thus don't have an associated cargo are displayed in blue.‌

Additional information on the voyage and its cargos is displayed in the voyage drawer. This can accessed by clicking on the voyage card.

You can filter which voyages you would like to see by using the button in the top right corner

You can separately filter commitments and allocated voyages (open positions) by many different criteria. If you select several options in one criterion, an OR filter is applied. If you filter by different categories at the same time, these are combined using the operator AND.

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