Getting Started

In Fleet Allocation and Scheduling (FAS) you can work on voyages in the planning phase and allocate them to vessels. Available voyages and vessels are:

Voyages with status

  • Scheduled (Unallocated)

  • Scheduled (Allocated)

  • Nominated

Vessels with the following properties

  • "Schedulable" in the vessel master data

  • FleetExitDate empty or in the future

Vessels which don't have any voyage in their schedule are not displayed in the open positions board or schedule view. However, they are available to allocate and move to in the voyage drawer, and to create scenarios with them.

Master and Scenario

We distinguish between the master schedule and scenarios.

The master schedule shows the current plan for the fleet and commitments. It is directly linked to the rest of the VMS.

Scenarios help the scheduler to evaluate different options when scheduling. Scenarios are independet from other VMS modules. In the scenario list you find all scenarios, edit them and create new ones. You use the scenario details view to allocate and unallocate voyages in a scenario.


For master and scenarios we have two different views available: the open positions board and the gantt board (schedule view).

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